Microsoft is everywhere?

When I´m looking back to the last 25 years I was constantly surrounded by products from Microsoft.

You could ask me now „Do you brainwashed by Microsoft?“ So I would answer, no. I am using day by day different hardware and software platforms. And there is no one which combine all advantages at all.

You can see this at my desk, where Microsoft and Apple work together side by side.

My Desk

I think it is not a religion, which some people made out of it. I always evaluate which tools support me to solve a problem. And I am sure there are plenty of them.

The challenge is to identify the right tools and combine them intelligent together. This philosophy saves a lot of time and costs.

Assume we all would work together to solve one issue. Oh, forget it by now please. There are a lot of other dimensions to consider, but not today. This is a interesting topic for a next blog article. 


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