Setup a Shopware Development Environment on a Mac – Step 2 Install Vagrant

Installation of Vagrant

Start at the following Shopware website  and then follow the link „Vagrant Setup“.

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Then read the instructions see screenshot below and maybe you will get stuck like I did, because there are several open questions. This is the reason why I wrote this tutorial for newbies. If you liked my tips, please leave a comment on this page.

I had for example this questions:
Where can I start the installation?
Why the commands like wget listed below did not working on my Mac?
What I can do to install Vagrant?

See my answers below the following screenshot.

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First you have to recognize that your Mac, if it freshly comes out of the box, doesn´t have an operating system like Debian / Ubuntu installed. So it doesn´t help to start the application „Terminal“ and follow the commands. I saw the following.

  1. Tip 
    To avoid the error message download Vagrant for Mac OS X directly from the following website and then install it. 

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    I thought great, and now? I tried the command „vagrant up“ in the Terminal and got the following:
    OK, error. Hmm.
    I have to run the command „vagrant init“ before. And I did this, but before I switched into my prepared folder. Remember the Step 1 … and then … cool, the „vagrant init hashicorp/precise64“ did something. So I was brave and tried „vagrant up“. Maybe to brave, because the error message told me that I have to install VirtualBox.
    Learning: Vagrant needs VirtualBox. I didn´t understand why, but let´s follow the path to success…. 

    In parallel I recognized that in my folder DEVroot/Vagrant the file „vagrantfile“ was created.OK, I have a task now. Install VirtualBox. 

  2. Tip
    Download VirtualBox for OS X hosts also directly from the following website

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    I installed VirtualBox …

    And then I was brave again to start „vagrant up“ in the Terminal.

    This took a while. And a new folder „VirtualBox VMs“ with some content was created automatically.

    So I was sure that I finished the first step of the GitHub readme document. I was, when I look to the following short documentation, an interesting journey to reach this step.

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    Thank you very much, René

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