Installing SAP Cloud Applications Studio


Before you can develop you need to install the SAP Cloud Applications Studio.

  • Download of SAP Cloud Applications Studio from SAP Software Center which is a zip File with size approximately 100 MByte

You need access to the SAP Software Center with your S-User and a license for the Studio, otherwise you will not get the download.

Currently the development can only be done at a Microsoft Operating System like Windows 10. If you are a Macbook user you need to install an VM with Windows.


Start downloaded file and you will ask for installation of Microsoft Visual Studio first, which is the underlying development tool of SAP Cloud Applications Studio. In other words, SAP Cloud Applications Studio is like an Add-On for the Microsoft Visual Studio. This is the reason why SAP will not explain you in their documentation not the whole feature set of the „bundled“ installation, only the SAP part. If you have questions to Microsoft related feature, you need to use this documentation.

You have to repeat the download and installation with each new SAP Sales and Service Cloud Release. Currently 4 releases per year, means 4 times a new Studio installation. The version of the Studio has to match to the version of the SAP Sales and Service Cloud Release, which you find in the help section of the solution after login.

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