If you are interested in news about  Microsoft Products, Intershop Commerce Suite and Shopware you are right here.

My name is René and I’m a Product Manager at Intershop. Responsible for the Commerce Management, one of the products of the Intershop Commerce Suite, which covers all the Onlineshop functionalities like cart and checkout, payment, shipping and much more. Intershop is a Microsoft Gold Partner.
Thats why MVH.de stands for Microsoft Virtual Helpdesk 😉
Furthermore I founded my company SHOPTIMA GmbH in 2010 to sell bathroom furnitures and accessories first via a Magento and since 2016 with a Shopware Onlineshop and a brick and mortar store.
I live E-Commerce day by day since more then 18 years, I am experienced in the real world business processes and the customer is already in the center of my mind.  Technology is very important but at the end only the way and vehicle to reach your objectives. I am a business man who is also interested to dig deeper into the technical world. So you can follow me on my journey on this site.

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Thank you very much, René